Buying a new home is a big consideration. Perhaps you have narrowed down your choices between modular and manufactured homes. Both can have beautiful designs, adequate square footage, and easy financing, but there are a lot of differences to ponder. Fort Morgan, Alabama is set on the beautiful Gulf Coast where sunshiny beaches make it a perfect area for a permanent residence or a vacation home. Emerald Coast Modular Homes is your premier modular home builder in the area. We have provided valuable answers to your questions about making your home-buying decision easier.

Differences in Modular and Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes were once called trailers, due to the fact that each unit had a steel chassis and wheels and could be transported. A modular home sometimes referred to as prefabricated home, is placed on a permanent foundation. The most noted positive differences between modular homes include:

  • Ability to Customize
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Better Interest Rates
  • Approved Building Codes

What Sets Modular Homes Apart?

A modular home is often confused with a manufactured home. However, you get more options when you choose a modular home: Manufactured homes are normally ranch style in design, while modular homes can be crafted to include second stories or custom designs.

Modular homes are more expensive than manufactured homes because of the quality of materials used, increased square footage and stronger structural integrity. The price per square foot will be higher than a manufactured home, but not as high as a conventional frame home — and a modular home can be erected much faster, with less mess on the construction site. Modular homes are also more widely accepted in communities where frame homes are located.

Are Modular Homes a Good Investment?

Well-built modular homes will see an increase in equity. Further additions like garages, sunrooms, and decks further add to the value. These homes are financed through a mortgage just like any other permanent-based house.

On the other hand, manufactured homes generally decrease in value as they age. The only difference between a frame home and a modular is the location where it is built. Modular home sections are built off-site and inside where weather conditions do not dictate a building deadline. The sections are then transported to the job site where construction and finishing are completed. That means a faster construction process that is easier to complete on time!

Can a Modular Home be Custom Designed?

Our team at Emerald Coast Modular Homes prides itself on working with each customer to deliver a custom home. Some of these features include:

  • Green Building Standards
  • Increased Insulation
  • Specific Details

Designs from other builders can be used as starting points in creating the home of your dreams. Long-term living, comfort, and quality are our goals with each home we build. Our craftsmen are trained and experienced in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The Fort Morgan area can receive hurricane-force winds, and it takes a special team to build a quality structure with this in mind. In addition, details such as fireplaces, type of trim and color schemes are just as important when you are the customer. Fort Morgan modular homes built by Emerald Coast Modular Homes will go far beyond your expectations when it comes to quality and design options. Make plans to meet with our designers today to realize your perfect home!